O. Henry: The Memento

O. HENRY – The window of Miss D’Armande’s room looked out onto Broadway and its theatres. But Lynette D’Armande turned her chair round and sat with her back to Broadway. She was an actress, and […]

James Joyce: After the Race

JAMES JOYCE – The cars came scudding in towards Dublin, running evenly like pellets in the groove of the Naas Road. At the crest of the hill at Inchicore sightseers had gathered in clumps to […]

Baldomero Lillo: El pozo

BALDOMERO LILLO – Con los brazos arremangados y llevando sobre la cabeza un cubo lleno de agua, Rosa atravesaba el espacio libre que había entre las habitaciones y el pequeño huerto, cuya cerca de ramas […]

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